About Us

Our Story

JUXTA is a leading out-of-home advertising provider and idea’s driven marketing and promotions partner. From our Queen West office in Toronto, we put brands on the map, coast-to-coast.

We’ve been offering client’s “experiential” marketing before the industry boxed it up and tied it with a bow. We saw it as a means to bring art to the street and then keen marketers took notice and started hiring us.

20 years later, and with a solid base of long-standing clients, Juxta brings brands to life with an artistic flare that makes us stand apart from the crowd.

Our process is simple; based on good ideas, and “hands on” approach. We don’t waste time coining catch phrases or using jargon; we let our wealth of knowledge on all things culture cement our ideas.

And, then we deliver what we set out to do. Whether dealing direct to our client or agency partner our personal approach: integrating intelligence and creativity, engages consumers and brings measurable results.

Our Team

Sara Trent

Sara Trent

Manager, Juxta Inc.

Sara Trent is co-founder of Juxta and the “connector” for the business. Sara’s ability to form and sustain client and creative relationships comes second nature to her and her partnership role at Juxta is integral to the company's success and longevity.

Daughter to Canadian director John Trent, whose 1970 film "Homer" was the first American financed production to be made by an all-Canadian crew, Sara's business style draws from her lifetime exposure to film, music and artists.  Sara has painted wall murals in Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal.  She was also a partner in West Don Lands Film Location Services.

Sara began her career attending university in New York and Vermont. Usually the keen eye behind the scenes, she's got a true “roll up your sleeves” attitude, whether it’s coordinating a permit, assisting talent or working with the local authorities to ensure a flawless execution.

Patrick Little

Patrick Little

President, Juxta Inc.

With 20 years bringing art to the advertising and marketing industry and a background in outdoor signs, Patrick Little provides thought-provoking, innovative and highly successful promotional campaigns. Working direct to client and supporting agency efforts, Patrick is trusted in the business to come through on time & on budget with carefully crafted work.

Patrick is particularly skilled at understanding how culture can influence creative programs that position his clients at the forefront of their industry;  ultimately regarded as leaders in advertising and marketing. In simpler terms, Little is the guy you want on your team when
you are given a mandate to “create a buzz”.  He creates the buzz for you and often times
his clients and agency partners win awards by harnessing his talent.

Patrick's exposure to new media, through his studies at Queen's and the San Francisco Art Institute catapulted his career to be among the first to recreate New York City inspired wall murals in Canada.  Patrick's integration of traditional advertising into larger than life scale brand landmarks earns results, time and again, with consistently spectacular executions.

What People Say About Our Work...

"I was impressed by the both the soundness of the structure and the detailing in the paint ... an impressive monument to our organization."

David Johnson

Creative Director, Much Music
Project: Canadian Cable Television Association
"An overwhelming success! The theatre down the street was number two in North America for ticket sales on opening weekend."

Joanna Miles

VP of Marketing at Maple Pictures
Project: Daybreakers Blood Café
"At once technically realistic, but emotionally magical."

Moses Znaimer

Co-founder Citytv President & Executive Producer
Project: Homer
"  Bloody good marketing on Queen  "

National Post

Matthew Coutts, National Post
Project: Daybreakers Blood Café