The Campaign


Warner Bros.




Case Study

The Campaign

Warner Bros. approached Juxta to create a publicity stunt for THE CAMPAIGN during a Toronto publicity tour for Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis to promote the films theatrical release. Patrick and the Juxta team set out to create a buzz and their first stop was to persuade the founding body; Zamboni Company Ltd. in Paramount California to let them rent a machine.  The task was a success and after gaining the appropriate permits, Juxta was granted use of the Toronto Marlies Zamboni Ice Resurfacing machine.

With multiple insurance policies in hand, Juxta set out to create the layout for the stunt using dimensional drawings from stock elements.  Next up was securing the stunt event location; Hockey Hall of Fame, and subsequent lane closure permits. The Juxta team undertook all due diligence necessary to carry out a stunt of this magnitude - hiring off-duty police officers and a street barricade service to ensure the stunt met safety regulations.

The result; Patrick and the Juxta team created a political commotion complete with faux Canadian Mounties and Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis driving a Zamboni Ice Resurfacing machine wrapped in promotional material through the streets of Toronto to a rambunctious and receptive crowd of potential filmgoers including Toronto’s very own Mayor Rob Ford.

The publicity stunt made mainstream news, and much social media buzz for the film that reached beyond its typical demographic boosting its status at the box office opening weekend.