Daybreakers Cafe


Maple Pictures




Case Study

Daybreakers Cafe

Maple Pictures’ approached Juxta to come up with a marketing initiative that would set their latest vampire film DAYBREAKERS apart from the rest. Patrick and the Juxta team knew this effort was perfect for their rental property at Queen and McCaul and they set out to transform the storefront DAYBREAKER style.

Daybreakers Blood Cafe – similar to the café seen in the film, a functioning café complete with blended beverage menu and DAYBREAKERS news opened shop with a little vampire blood, sweat and tears of their own. A few days into the month-long execution, it was attracting people from all over the city who passed multiple cafes over to get served at the DAYBREAKERS blood café. This execution created DAYBREAKERS fans. The buzz it generated for the film, which later resulted in it staking a solid claim at the box office was marked a success by the studio.