The Hobbit: Word On The Street


Warner Bros.




Case Study

The Hobbit: Word On The Street

Warner Bros. took THE HOBBIT to Toronto’s Word on the Street festival and approached Juxta to help make their booth not only stand out for the 270,000+ attendees but they wanted guests to actually stop, and experience THE HOBBIT. Patrick and his team enlisted the help of award winning landscape designer Adam Bienenstock and together they recreated the dramatic landscape look as seen in the film. On the day of the event, guests were invited guests to experience THE HOBBIT and were encouraged to take a walk through the land of THE HOBBIT where they could watch the theatrical trailer, listen to the ambient Celtic soundtrack and participate in one of the promotional giveaway on-site contests. Festival attendees, old and new fans alike, lined up for a chance to take in a little bit of Juxta’s breathtaking take on the lush landscape as seen in THE HOBBIT.

Guests left excited and engaged for the film to hit theatres  and the film opened at the top of the box office for several consecutive weeks. Warner Bros. thanked us for another successful promotional stunt well done.