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Subaru BRZ

The safety, control and performance of the Subaru symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system has endeared itself to Canadians, who have helped Subaru sales in Canada to reach record heights since its entry into the market in 1976. In 2012, Subaru launched its BRZ car into the Canadian market with a successful marketing campaign …  and when their AOR received the mandate to wrap their hugely successful program with some sizzle, naturally they reached out to Juxta.

“We hit the ground running, keen to acknowledge the “too hot to handle” sense we experienced when we were introduced to the BRZ”, says Patrick Little, President Juxta.

Patrick & his team ran with the “too hot to handle” concept and with ample creative control brought “hot” to life with the creation of a sizzling hot street set-up complete with a torched mailbox. Insert the HOT BRZ car and voila the installation was complete.

Next up was to secure the hottest location spots – think seen and be seen – for a car. Patrick and his team secured the locations, arranged permits, security, street team and built a promotional calendar for Toronto and Montreal that top socialites would envy.

The campaign garnered foot traffic and street envy – not achievable within their other initiatives garnering impressive press and a push on the sales front.