The Dark Knight


Warner Bros.




Case Study

The Dark Knight

In support of THE DARK KNIGHT Warner Bros. approached Juxta with no small “fleet”. The batmobile and bat pod were coming to town and they wanted to show them off in style.

Patrick and the Juxta team pulled off the unthinkable; closing down the streets between Scotiabank Theatre and CTV, amongst several other high-traffic areas around Toronto and unveiled the spectacular vehicles.  Supported by an aggressive PR campaign, the batmobile and bat pod drew crowds by the thousands, as predicted by the Juxta team who secured ample security to control the unveiling.

The tour was a success; Juxta’s careful planning and control of key locations paid off with impressive, positive press coverage and THE DARK KNIGHT opened at the top of the box office, with fans eager to see the vehicles on the big screen.