House of Wax


Warner Bros.




Case Study

House of Wax

When Warner Bros. wanted to add some horrific pizzazz to their promotional campaign for HOUSE OF WAX they sought the work of Patrick and his team. Under Patrick’s leadership, the team set out brainstorming a way to convey the gory nature of this horror film and came up with a traveling bus complete with gory inhabitants.

Warner Bros. loved the idea and Patrick and his team set out acquiring the bus, and remodeling it to fit the HOUSE OF WAX look – all work completed onsite in-studio. After the bus was converted, Patrick secured locations for the bus to visit, acquiring the appropriate permits and insurance policies. Lining up talent and “glorifying” them Patrick and his team set out to horrify crowds attending events and high-traffic areas around Toronto.

The month-long campaign was deemed a success and supported the promotional efforts of the film with the right amount of gore and horror to attract the attention of the target audience.