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Case Study

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

In the spring of 2013, Cadbury launched an integrated ad campaign in support of its new Dairy Milk Bubbly product, sold nationwide in a 90-gram format. The campaign, with a focus on the Toronto and Vancouver markets, was comprised of a 30-second TV spot and out-of-home including “floating bar” installations executed in Toronto by Juxta.

Juxta bubbled with excitement, mapping out key high-traffic locations throughout Toronto and obtaining permits, where necessary to successfully roll out this execution. Over the course of two-weeks, under contract with Cadburys AOR, Patrick and the Juxta team positioned the oversize helium-filled replicas of the Dairy Milk Bubbly bar over public places – you literally would have had to stay in-doors with the blinds closed to have missed this execution. It was everywhere, and it paid off. The execution extended key support to this highly effective, integrated campaign, building the Bubbly profile, garnering trade and general news coverage and ultimately driving sales.