Superman Returns


Warner Bros.




Case Study

Superman Returns

Warner Bros. brought SUPERMAN to the theatre but they approached Juxta to bring it to Niagara Falls.With only two weeks to create a monumental impact in one of the world’s most beloved destinations Patrick and the Juxta team were energized to roll up their sleeves. Securing permissions, permits and crew, work that should have taken months was rolled out in days.Creatively, Juxta’s vision was bold - beaming Superman “the Man of Steel's” red and yellow emblem directly onto the Horseshoe Falls for five consecutive days to tie in with the films theatrical release.
For Niagara Parks it marked the first time they allowed an image projected onto the falls since 1981. For Warner Bros. “the Man of Steel” was the talk of the town and the film hadn’t even opened yet. Regarded by many as marketing geniuses, Warner Bros. was able to bring the emblem to the hearts and homes of everyone with the national news coverage it garnered resulting in ground breaking box-office results for the film.