Warner Bros.




Case Study


When Warner Bros. approached Juxta to help drum up some excitement and horror over the theatrical release of CONTAGION, a medical thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh, Patrick and his team knew they had to drive home the “race against time theme” as experienced in the film.

Patrick and his team went to work brainstorming how they could accurately drive home the gravity of the central theme in the film and quickly came up with the idea to create a roving quarantine of virus-plagued actors. Renting a glass-walled billboard truck and recreating a hire hospital scene inside including quarantined, panic-stricken talent that drove around Toronto during peak times and parking at highly attended sporting, music and festival events where the street team answered questions and gave out swag in promotion of the film.

The roving stunt attracted much applause and press, including trade press. Warner Bros. was pleased with the volume of buzz generated to support the film’s theatrical release.