Case Study


When CTV went through a national rebrand, they hired Patrick and his team to create and install professional outdoor advertising signs, murals and billboards. Patrick and his team created branded content for CTV that provided key visibility to the corporate convergence of media assets and were widely praised at the inaugural AGM.

An sampling of some of the advertising work Patrick and his team created for CTV includes: designing the Mike Bullard marquee featuring Snap Lok NYC style marquee letters from Gemini and a changeable vinyl face; designing the countdown millennium clock using a Daktronics LED module; designing the CTV (vertically stacked) sign board using custom cast Acrylite Panels in RGB; designing the “Portico” signs custom fabricated with visible neon tubing; designing the Bell Globe Media signs at the bunker in Agincourt; the neon “Comedy” sign on the west elevation of the Masonic Temple; the back lit vinyl boxes showing “T!” and “Michael Lansberg” also on the Temple.

A sampling of some of the mural signs Patrick and his team created for CTV includes: the CTV mural at Birstro 990; The Much Music Satellite dish and a 50 scale recreation of the Chum Television building that was shipped to Montreal for the Canadian Cable Television Association.