Warner Bros.




Case Study


Juxta was approached by Warner Bros. to help create a destination event in support of the theatrical release of WHITEOUT. So they created two. The first out of their rented property in the heavy foot-traffic area of Queen West and the second in front of the theatre complex formerly known as AMC theatres at Yonge & Dundas.

Patrick and the Juxta team constructed an idea to create a life-sized ice sculpture of the films main actor, Kate Beckinsale and some smaller ice sculpture executions from scenes from the film. Hiring a creative ice sculpting team lead by famed ice sculpture Wen Xie Patrick and team bought 5000 pounds of ice and the team set out to create the sculptures. Need to attract attention to the site, Patrick and the Juxta Team struck a deal with Canada Goose to outfit the street team insert white foam “snow balls” and a September snow ball fight was born attracting passersby to not only participate in the action but engaged in awe at larger than life execution of ice being sculpted before their eyes. A similar snow ball fight was executed in front of the former AMC theatre driving traffic to the ice sculpture event.

The execution garnered impressive press and social media buzz for the film in advance of its theatrical release.