Dolphin Tale


Warner Bros.




Case Study

Dolphin Tale

Warner Bros. wanted to a fun, family-friendly stunt to support the theatrical release of DOLPHIN TALE; a film based on the true story of a rescue dolphin named Winter and the compassionate people who helped him, and reached out to Juxta to come up with the concept and execute.

Patrick and his team set out brainstorming and thought strongly the stunt must take place at Ontario Place with its cool misting billboard, a natural fit for the film. Building on the ability to utilize the misting billboard, Patrick and his team came up with the idea to create an interactive and cool DOLPHIN TALE water park in the main free thoroughfare so people attending the Air Show but not entering the CNE or Ontario Place could cool off. Timing was perfect; the two-week campaign was executed during one of Toronto’s summer heat waves, making it impossible for families to pass the interactive water station without stopping to cool off and interact with the family-friendly promotional staff Patrick had in place to hand out back-to-school themed swag.

Warner Bros. was very impressed with the sheer volume of families the stunt attracted and believed the campaign was a strong push for the film’s theatrical success at the box office.