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Case Study

Levi’s ®

The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic style and effortless cool. “Back to School” is a BIG campaign for Levi’s® add in a generation keen to be seen, the need for creativity was at its peak. Levi’s® recognized the importance to reach this target demo otherwise known as Gen X on their level, on their playing field.

Under the employment of Murad Communications, Patrick took creative lead on the campaign resulting in four painted mural advertising executions for the brand over the course of four years. 3D sculptures so far ahead of what anyone else in Canada was doing;  it was as much a creative risk for the Levi’s® brand as it was for Patrick and his art house team. A risk well worth taking.

6 months to conceptualize; 4 weeks to produce; 6 weeks to run and a new form of advertising otherwise known as: 1993 LOOSE CAMPAIGN; 1994 CHALKBOARD; 1995 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and 1996 SILVERTAB was born in Canada. With full creative range, Patrick went about his masterpiece – sketch, 20k worth of paint equaling 45 gallon drums of primary colours from Golden in NY (unheard of!) and a team of keen artists intent to make creative advertising history.

The campaigns eclipsed all other brands in the positioning of product in the elusive “Back to School” marketing initiative amidst the mid 1990’s lull. It was deemed a success from sales to profile building to customer engagement. The risk paid off at the cash register and Levi’s® “owned” the “Back to School” market. The creativity of the concept maximized the value of the brand by overpowering the competition, essentially.