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Case Study


Juxta was approached by McDonald’s AOR to support its launch of “Dollar Drink Days” with a specific task in mind: make art come to life. Juxta’s specialty. They literally ran with it … all the way to the beach.

Patrick and the Juxta team took a very simple approach; identified where the thirsty daytime summer crowd spent their time and how best to reach them in a functional, eco-friendly way. Juxta came up with the how to for the idea to create umbrella’s in the shape and colour of the McDonald’s drink lid and straw – hundreds of them actually and strategically placed them on beaches across Canada.

Beach-goers were wowed with Juxta’s brainchild that brought art to the beach and enjoyed the cool factor it brought along with it. McDonald’s “Dollar Drink Days” saw a spike in sales and brought in customers they hadn’t been able to reach with their traditional marketing initiatives.