Warner Bros.




Case Study


When Warner Bros. was marketing the gritty crime film ROCK N ROLLA they reached out to Juxta to bring the characters to the street and drum up some advance buzz.

Patrick and his team set out to brainstorm and came up with a fitting promotional campaign that saw them hand stamping the film’s title treatment at strategically planned, key high-traffic spots  – by the thousands, in every end of the city of Toronto. To tie into the edgy nature of the film Patrick supported the stencil art with pop-up hair cut salons throughout the city, with permits in hand and a hired stylist, the team gave ROCK N ROLLA inspired haircuts at major events and heavy pedestrian area spots throughout Toronto. Patrick and his team staffed the haircut pop-up with a street team of out-going, trendy 20-somethings to engage passersby and sway them to take a seat in the chair and have their look transformed. Under Patrick’s direction, the street team also awarded passersby with film swag and ignited conversation to encourage people to see the film.

Warner Bros. was pleased with the “foot print” Patrick and his team left all over town and felt it made an impact at the films box office debut.