Sherlock Holmes


Warner Bros.




Case Study

Sherlock Holmes

Warner Bros. approached Juxta to recreate the SHERLOCK HOLMES experience for fans to experience in their anticipation of the films theatrical release. Inspired by the intricate design from film stills and the detail of the production notes;  “He was probably the first superhero, an intellectual superhero,” states Robert Downey Jr., the Oscar®-nominated actor who takes on the title role in “Sherlock Holmes,” Patrick and his team set out to recreate the vision.

The high-traffic Queen and McCaul Juxta rental space was the logical choice for the stunt and given the corner position Patrick knew Big Ben – a prominent feature in the film, had to be recreated on the outside of the store front to attract interest from passersby.

Patrick and his team transformed the inside and outside of the location into a museum-worthy vision of the 1890's London world of Sherlock Holmes.  Patrick and his team’s vision resulted in Big Ben resurrected outside the building and the unconventional Victorian parlor with expertly placed period furniture, trinkets and drapery sourced from local flea markets and film prop houses drew crowds that wrapped the block. Patrick hired and dressed talent and recreated scenes from the film to engage and excite the crowds.

The month long stunt generated much press, professional accolade and supported the successful theatrical release of the film, which wound up at the top of the box office, consecutively.