Terminator Salvation


Warner Bros.




Case Study

Terminator Salvation

In support of a station domination, Warner Bros. wanted to further enhance their advertising investment at the platform level of bustling Bloor subway station in Toronto and reached out to Juxta to make it happen. Since the event coincided with the T600 talent tour – the actual robot from the film. Naturally, Patrick and his team wanted to stage a T600 unveiling during rush hour to create a frenzy in promotion of the film on opening day.

Working with TTC executives, Patrick negotiated the opportunity to bring the T600 to the platform during the peak morning rush hour and after securing necessary insurance permits, set off to coordinate the A-level unveiling.

Patrick and his team brought in the 7 feet 4 inches tall T600 in the middle of the night to ensure a true “unveiling” and arranged the area complete with stanchions and off-duty police officers for crowd control and to ensure the safety of TTC users. At the height of rush hour and brief announcement was made and the T600 was unveiled to a waiting crowd of eager transit riders. The event team gave out promotional swag and in many cases were asked by transit riders to snap a picture of them in front of the T600. There were very few transit riders that morning that didn’t take their phone out to snap a picture to share on social media.

The flurry of buzz created from this stunt was incredible, and the client was very pleased to see the sheer amount of press and social media interest generated on opening day. The film opened at the top of the box office.